Landbrotalaug, Snæfellnes Peninsula, Iceland

Landbrotalaug hot spring is potentially one of Iceland’s best kept secrets. Although it’s most definitely off the beaten path, if you’re up for an authentic Icelandic adventure, then this is for you. Look for a sign reading “Heit Laug Hot Spring”, and once you reach the pond, you will have to cross it using the […]

Bláhylur, Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Iceland

Bláhylur (Blue Pool), also known as the Hnausapollur Crater, was formed in an explosive eruption about 1130 years ago. The contrast here is incredible, bright blue water and vivid green plant life stand out amongst the dark orange soils. It is apart of the Southern Central Highlands of Iceland, where fantastic hiking opportunities lie left, right, and […]

Landmannalaugar, Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Iceland

Landmannalaugar is the starting/finishing point of the famous Laugavegur hiking track. The environment is so surreal, that it is often compared to a painting. There are substantial camping facilities if you plan to spend a few days to a week on the track. Then a pleasant way to unwind after spending time in the highlands, is […]

Svartifoss, Skaftafell National Park, Iceland

Take a break from driving and visit Svartifoss. Walk through Skaftafell National park and find the falls that tumble down over the hexagonal basalt columns. The 1.5km walk is predominantly uphill, but you should see 3 other waterfalls on the way. You have the option to walk down to the base of the falls, or […]

Dettifoss, Jökulsárgljúfur, Iceland

Within the North-East Icelandic landscapes, you will find Dettifoss. At 100m wide and 45m high it is renowned to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Most visitors access the falls from the East, but there is also an entrance on the West. With caution you may take a hike around the area, it’s only 1km to […]

Crystal Caves, Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland

Explore crystal caves in the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull, and really get to know the meaning behind ICE-land. The caves are only accessible during the winter (another reason why Iceland isn’t ‘only nice in the summer’). “The colour and transparency of the ice caves has everything to do with time, pressure, and secrecy. The weather and […]

Lake Myvatn, Myvatn, Iceland

There is so much to see surrounding Lake Myvatn, that it is recommended you spend at least 2 nights here. The perfect blue’s and turquoise’s of the lake are a refreshing sight after the mountainous route it take you to get there. Lava fields encompass the lake with a reviving bright green moss that cannot go unnoticed. […]

Hverfjall Crater, Myvatn, Iceland

Hverfjall stands out from the roadside among the reasonably flat landscape. It lies on the east of Lake Mosquito, Myvatn (North-East Iceland). It’s possible to climb the volcano from both the North & South side, but the 160m accent makes the short 500m hike steep. The course can be slippery due to loose volcanic rocks, take care with appropriate footwear […]

Nature Baths, Myvatn, Iceland

The Nature Baths are one of Myvatn’s many gems. It is the best (if not better) alternative to Reykjavik’s Blue Lagoon which is almost always fully booked and crowded with tourists. Bath in the geothermal spa to unwind from a busy week of sightseeing. “The water supplies for the lagoon run straight from the National Power Company´s […]

Aldeyjarfoss, Sprengisandsleið, Iceland

Aldeyjarfoss is far more remote then the other iconic Icelandic waterfalls due to the fact it’s located on an F road. This steers away a good bulk of the tourists meaning you can have a more secluded adventure. Distinctive basal column formations frame the falls, while the water pours itself into an elegant pool. Level: Moderate […]

Goðafoss, Bárðardalur, Iceland

Goðafoss can be found halfway between the towns of Akureyri and Myvatn, Northern Iceland. Although only 12m high, an impressive amount of water comes cascading down around 30m horseshoe. Many people have compared Goðafoss to a ‘mini Niagara Falls’ without the crowds. Level: Easy For adventurers of any level Be cautious not to tread on Iceland’s […]

Grjótagjá Cave, Myvatn, Iceland

You may recognise this small grotto, Grjótagjá Cave, from The Game Of Thrones. For centuries it was used as a natural spa pool, however volcanic activity has since raised it’s temperature, making it unsafe to bathe. But it is a beautiful sight to stop by if you have a spare 5 minutes. Level: Easy For adventurers of any […]

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