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Peter’s Lookout, Canterbury, New Zealand

Due to its naturally perfect composition and effortless accessibility, Peter’s Lookout is potentially one of the most photographed and iconic locations in New Zealand. As you wind around each corner of SH8 a new glimpse of the famous Aoraki / Mount Cook is revealed. But once you have reached this particular bend, most people cannot […]

Bláhylur, Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Iceland

Bláhylur (Blue Pool), also known as the Hnausapollur Crater, was formed in an explosive eruption about 1130 years ago. The contrast here is incredible, bright blue water and vivid green plant life stand out amongst the dark orange soils. It is apart of the Southern Central Highlands of Iceland, where fantastic hiking opportunities lie left, right, and […]

Landmannalaugar, Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Iceland

Landmannalaugar is the starting/finishing point of the famous Laugavegur hiking track. The environment is so surreal, that it is often compared to a painting. There are substantial camping facilities if you plan to spend a few days to a week on the track. Then a pleasant way to unwind after spending time in the highlands, is […]

Hverfjall Crater, Myvatn, Iceland

Hverfjall stands out from the roadside among the reasonably flat landscape. It lies on the east of Lake Mosquito, Myvatn (North-East Iceland). It’s possible to climb the volcano from both the North & South side, but the 160m accent makes the short 500m hike steep. The course can be slippery due to loose volcanic rocks, take care with appropriate footwear […]

Kerið Crater, Golden Circle, Iceland

Another popular location along the Golden Circle (R35) is Kerið Crater. A lot of people love to visit this spot during sunset where the vibrant rock faces are illuminated with a golden hue, but it really is epic no matter what time of day you go. Keep in mind that during the winter it is likely the entire […]

Mt Kirkjufell, Snæfellnes Peninsula, Iceland

Perhaps the most charming mountain you will ever encounter, Mount Kirkjufell is found in the town of Grundarfjörður on the Snæfellnes Peninsula. The nearby waterfall Kirkjufellfoss adds to the enchantment, and is potentially the most photographed location in Iceland. It is probable there will be multiple photographers out with their tripod trying to get the ‘perfect shot’, but don’t let […]

Skógafoss, South Region, Iceland

Skógafoss is yet another photogenic waterfall in Iceland, often with bus loads of tourists wandering around the base. Therefore it is recommended to visit as early as possible if you want to avoid the crowds. A staircase on the right takes you up to a point that looks down on the falls, and is worth the […]

Roy’s Peak, Wanaka, New Zealand

Tramp through tussock grasslands to Roy’s Peak, boasting views over of Lake Wanaka and the Southern Alps from 1578 metres above. Challenge yourself as you zig-zag upwards and meet the ridge line, then reward yourself by soaking in the panoramic scene. Level: Moderate 5-6 hour hike (16km return via same track) Challenging but suitable for people with […]

Arthur’s Pass, Canterbury, New Zealand

Burrowed within the Southern Alps of New Zealand lies Arthur’s Pass. Offering multiple routes, Avalanche Peak is certainly among the more difficult. It’s guaranteed to leave even the most experienced hikers with a genuine sensation of accomplishment. Level: Difficult 6-8 hour journey Suitable for well-equipped people, with previous back-country tramping experience Steep incline up to the 1883 […]

Pouakai Crossing, Taranaki, New Zealand

Mt Egmont, also known as Mount Tarankaki is New Zealand’s most perfectly formed volcano. If you’ve only got a day to explore Egmont National Park then the Pouakai Crossing covers all the highlights. At 18.4km the full one day hike looks over Taranaki’s countryside and even features views all the way up to Mount Ruapehu. […]

Windy Canyon, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand

Weather you’re up for a 10 minute walk or 3 hour hike, Great Barrier Islands Windy Canyon is the place to start. Make your way through the rock faces and into the bush for an natural, authentic and untouched New Zealand experience. With the option to continue on to the Palmers Track or furthermore the summit of […]

Mount Holdsworth, Wellington, New Zealand

If you’re looking for something to keep you busy, complete the 12 hour / 24km loop of Mount Holdsworth, providing panoramic views over the Wellington region. With both Powell Hutt & Jumbo Hutt situated on the trail, you have the option to complete the track over 2-3 days.  Conquering the 1475 metre mountain peak may […]

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