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Ultimate Icelandic Road Trip Itinerary

Iceland’s tourism has skyrocketed in the past few years and many people are taking the ‘free stopover’ offered by Iceland Air, and WOW air. Many visitors on an Icelandic stopover will use this opportunity to catch a tour bus and do the famous Golden Circle. The scenery there is undoubtably amazing, but we think there is so […]

What You Need To Know Before Going To Iceland

If you plan to visit Iceland this is your one stop guide, including all the factors you need to consider whilst on and preparing for your trip. If you are planning to rent a car, please see The Ultimate Icelandic Road Trip Itinerary for a beautifully composed road trip schedule that covers more then just the highlights. WEATHER […]

30 Instagrammers That Will Spark The Wanderlust Within You

In the world of social media, selfies and memes tend to fill our newsfeed’s. So here’s a list of 30 Instagram accounts that will spice up your feed and inspire you to travel! Who knows, maybe one day it will be enough for you to quit your job, pack your bags and leave. 1. Emilie Ristevski | @helloemilie Emilie’s […]

Astrophotography: A Guide To Photographing The Stars

When you’ve been waiting for weeks on end for the perfect combination of elements to align in your favour, and you finally get ‘the shot’…

5 Incredible Day Trips To Take In Auckland, New Zealand

Have you been waiting for the next Long Weekend so you can ‘get out of Auckland’ and take a break from the city life? While spending all this time day dreaming, you forget to explore what’s waiting right outside your door step. Being built on such a narrow strip of land Auckland is lucky enough to have both […]

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