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Landbrotalaug | Photo by In The Shade Media

Landbrotalaug, Snæfellnes Peninsula, Iceland

Landbrotalaug | Photo by In The Shade Media

Landbrotalaug | Photo by In The Shade Media

Landbrotalaug hot spring is potentially one of Iceland’s best kept secrets. Although it’s most definitely off the beaten path, if you’re up for an authentic Icelandic adventure, then this is for you. Look for a sign reading “Heit Laug Hot Spring”, and once you reach the pond, you will have to cross it using the stepping stones to reach the spring. Landbrotalaug can reach up to 44°C but varies throughout the year.

“From Borgarnes take road no. 54 direction Stykkishólmur. After about 40 km you should make a turn by the farm Skjálg and continue about 1 km. From where you can park the car there is only few minutes walk up to the hot spring. Landbrota hot spring lies north of Eldborg close to Haffjarðar river” –

Luckily for you, the coordinates are right here: N64°49.933 W22°19.110

Level: Difficult (to find)
  • For adventurers with good navigation skills
  • Respect the area and be cautious not to tread on Iceland’s delicate untouched soils

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