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Vatnajökull Glacier | Photo by Benjamin Maddox

Crystal Caves, Vatnajökull Glacier, Iceland

Vatnajökull Glacier | Photo by Benjamin Maddox

Vatnajökull Glacier | Photo by Benjamin Maddox

Explore crystal caves in the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajökull, and really get to know the meaning behind ICE-land. The caves are only accessible during the winter (another reason why Iceland isn’t ‘only nice in the summer’).

“The colour and transparency of the ice caves has everything to do with time, pressure, and secrecy. The weather and sun with its damaging ultra violet rays transforms the outer surface of glacial ice into whitish ice.

As the glacier travels and winds its way down the slopes of mountain ridges, the air bubbles trapped in the ice are squeezed out, and the size of the ice crystals increases, making it clear. The real beauty of the centuries old compressed ice of a glacier lies underneath the damaged outer surface.” –Extreme Iceland

Level: Moderate
  • For adventurers with a reasonable fitness level
  • Tour guide and bookings required
  • Be cautious not to tread on Iceland’s delicate untouched soils

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